Welcome to UAC Floor Coatings!

    • Specializing in floor coatings nationwide

      We are known for providing durable, stylish and quality flooring solutions throughout the USA. If you are in need of a floor to suit your business needs then feel free to have a look at our site and see how we can help you.

    • Types of floors we install

      With a great selection of flooring options to suit many working environments we concentrate on applications for warehouse use, office settings, Hospitals, aircraft hangers, auto dealerships, factories, casinos, malls and commercial kitchens to name but a few.

    • Coverage area

      Our vast flooring network spreads all over the USA covering every single state in North America. We also cover Canada and have a network of contractors in Europe.

    • Coatings we use

      We deal with a vast amount of products and coatings ranging from epoxy floor coatings, decorative flake and quartz coating, Electrostatic Dissipative coating systems, hard wearing Urethane coats, Resurfaces, Urethane cement resurfaces, Sealers, Joint pouring and setting -mortar repairs.

    • Pricing for your convenience

      Our pricing structure is broken down to give you a clear idea of how much a new floor coating will cost you. This can be measured by the amount of square footage you have and we look at how much prep work is needed on the floor before hand. We also look at the type of floor finish you are looking at.

    • Installation time frame

      Depending on the size of the job we will give you a good time frame of how long the install will take. We can work to any specific requests not to inconvenience your business and limit disruption.