Industrial and Commercial Floor Coatings Smyrna

  • Industrial epoxy and floor coatings in Smyrna, Delaware

    We have the ability to restore and protect floors through our various floor coating methods that are perfect for industrial settings such as factories, power plants, manufacturing facilities. We also have worked with airports to make sure all of their aircraft hangers and service areas are coated with epoxy and various other floor coatings to help keep the floors maintenance free and easy to manage and clean.

    Industrial floor coating applications have the added benefit of providing anti-microbial, thermal shock resistance, chemical and spill protection, life extension and protection of the floors, non slip surfaces. Uthrane Motar is also used to hold up to major chemical and impact abuse such as jet washing, deep cleaning, fork lift and truck wear and pallet and drum movement. Uthrane slurry systems will resurface concrete and also help deal with chemical and impact abuse. It can be provided with a texture finish which works well for damp and wet environments. We can offer color quartz to offer improved aesthetic looks. All of these types of floors are good for Food plants, Pharmaceutical plants, hangers, bottling facilities, food processing plants, breweries, chemical plants, power plants, water works, machine shops and electrical factories.

    Commercial epoxy and floor coatings in Smyrna

    Commercial floor coatings can come in many styles and design which can transform a setting from a dull average looking space to something that people are impressed by. With a variety of floor coatings and options our teams have the ability to transform any commercial setting with a quick turnaround time so it does not affect your business.

    Aircraft Hanger systems for commercial air craft has functional benefits that not only adds aesthetics with durability it also provides an engineered system that meets the guidelines for maintenance in the hanger. The coating is chemical resistant and will help protect against any spills and grease. USDA approved flooring systems; we specialize in floors that meet the requirements of the USDA. They are safe and part of a green product initiative to ensure greener more eco friendly products which keep up to the requirements of what is needed from them. Decorative concrete systems can offer special adhesion and strength over conventional concrete. We use latex polymer that brings the product together so not only do you get these benefits you have a good looking durable floor. The application can be finished smooth or can be shaped to create a stone effect. Protective coating systems for aircraft hanger systems, vehicle maintenance, wall coating, thin film systems are all areas we specialize in. The epoxy not only comes in different colors but will range in thickness depending on the need for the application.


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