Industrial and Commercial Floor Coatings 97838, Hermiston

  • Industrial epoxy and floor coatings in 97838, Hermiston

    Our flooring contractor network stretches in to pretty much every city in America and we have no problem making sure clients get the perfect flooring solution. We have been helping industries get their flooring up to grade. Should it be related to a government facility that has flooring guidelines like the USDA or state contracts or even industrial premises for manufacture and agricultural facilities. We can really help make this possible by using our different flooring options to give you the look you want.

    We use the following systems in industrial settings.

    SDS- Static Dissipative Urethane floors Quartz Systems Urethane Mortar Troweled systems Gloss systems Urethane Motar slurry systems Epoxy Coatings Polished concrete

    We can accommodate special requests for flooring also; we work with different manufactures that offer the best quality flooring products so we know what will suit your working space and environment.

    Commercial epoxy and floor coatings in 97838, Hermiston

    If it’s a new shopping plaza or a commercial store where you are having clients and general public viewing the space on a daily basis it’s going to really set your business apart from others if the aesthetics of the business are up to par. By adding a full flake system or a gloss floor down it can transform any space to make it look more modern and special. Some of the floor options we provide our clients are listed below.

    Decorative epoxy coatings with a flake added. The flakes come in many colors and can be included with a chemical resistant urethane coat to not only make the floor hardwearing but provide a stylish look. Polymer color coatings come in a choice of color and can transform a space as well as protect the floors. All of the floors will be focused to provide a safe to walk and durable setting. Our concrete dye system also has some of the best coloring techniques in the industry to give you that unique look, especially when also incorporated with concrete polishing. Epoxy flooring paints and coatings make for added protection and special unique looks of an area.

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