Commercial Floor Coatings

  • Commercial flooring has really evolved over the years to the point where more people are requesting epoxy and other flooring solutions over the conventional carpet tiles being installed or tiles. Not only can it work out much cheaper but it’s also more stylish and durable.

    Typically the most commercial setting where epoxy is found is around every day areas that the public will see.

    Auto dealerships: Most auto dealerships these days are having epoxy installed, not only is it fantastic for the service areas and workshop areas where mechanics are working it looks great in the show rooms to. With a high gloss epoxy look the floor can give any automobile sat on top of it a trophy look.

    Aviation Floors: Hangers for aircraft often have their floors coated, Polyurethane Enamel Coatings can provide a sleek coating that is not only non slip but protects against fuel, oil and grease spills. It can strengthen floors.

    Education settings: School and collage buildings are also the perfect places to install epoxy floors. Not only can they be bright and vibrant they have practical uses to. Epoxy floors are easy to clean plus they are durable and it can create a better environment for teachers and pupils.

    Government institutions: If it’s a fire department, police department, military facility or a prison. Our flooring technicians are here to help you get the perfect flooring solution to suit the area that needs coating. With a great deal of foot traffic in these areas you will require something that can stand up to the rigorous use these floors will go through on a daily basis and we can provide that.

    Retail floors: Supermarkets, electronic stores, clothes stores and most malls all have epoxy or polished concrete as a flooring option. It will not only make the floors look more professional and pleasing on the eye, it also holds practical value. With slip resistant technology and the added benefit of being easy to clean the epoxy can hold many different looks and in an array of colors.

    Packing structures: It is important to protect the concrete of any parking structure as top decks are opened to the elements and with heavy traffic use the concrete can become cracked overtime. By adding a special waterproofing epoxy it will provide a hard aggregate that provides abrasion resistance with skid resistant properties. Top coats will also add protection against oil leaks from cars and chemicals that will normally seep in to concrete. You will have color options, it adds to strengthen the floor, waterproofs it, adds a barrier against stains and chemicals and slip resistance.

    Hospitality: Event centers and stadiums are the perfect choice for epoxy. Many of our jobs have included adding a floor that fits a team’s colors to add to the stadium look and visitor experience. With lots of foot traffic and food spills you want something that’s easy to clean afterwards and can hold up to the mass use of people walking on it. Not only that, it’s waterproof, slip resistant and easy to hose down for schedule deep cleans.

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