Industrial Floor Coatings

  • In any industrial environment you will most commonly have high traffic areas that not only have heavy machinery placed on top of the floors but forklift trucks and foot traffic walking along these areas on a daily basis. In scenarios like this you really need a floor coating that can stand up to such conditions and protect your floors and staff.

    We provide durable floor coatings that can hold up to harsh environments and powerful deep cleaning such as jet power washers and sweepers. Some of the coatings we use are as follows.

    Urethane top coat that is resistant to chemical spills and works as a sealer. Color choice is available. Texture is mixed in to add grip to the floors to stop skidding and sliding.

    Epoxy floor restoration

    Holds up well to heave traffic areas including machines. Can extensively expand the life of your concrete floors. Selection of colors to suit. Multipurpose use for aesthetic looks, USDA facilities, chemical abrasion resistant. Often used in Auto dealerships, industrial plants, warehouses, commercial kitchens, Packaging plants, mechanical plants, hospitals, casinos, malls.

    Polyurethane Enamel Coatings

    Quality gloss retention Protects against fuels, harsh chemicals, grease Stand alone coating or can be used to seal other flooring options Often used in aircraft hangers, industrial plant floors, warehouse floors and laboratories.

    Troweled Mortar systems

    Protects against bacteria growth Low odor Selection of colors Non slip texture Can repair eroded areas that have endured chemical spills, jet cleaning from heavy use. Will resist wear from acids and alkalis. Used in Pharmaceuticals, gas/petroleum refineries, food and beverage plants, water treatment facilities, military facility and manufacturing plants.

    We also have other flooring systems but this is just a sample to see how we can pin point the exact floor needed for your industrial facility.

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